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Scale Architectural Models

Welcome to the future of architectural model making, a high-tech solution brought to your projects by AKSIS Solutions. As innovators in integrated 3D solutions, we specialize in transforming your architectural designs into precise, tangible models within a fraction of the traditional timeline.

Custom Scale Models Without the Wait

Traditional model-making methods, performed meticulously by hand, deliver stunning detail but require a time investment of several months. At AKSIS Solutions, we offer an alternative that significantly reduces this wait time. From the inception of your order to the delivery of a finished model, our streamlined design and production process can be completed within just three weeks. 

Our six-step process ensures satisfaction and efficiency:

  1. Reach Out: Initiate your model-making endeavor with our team.

  2. Send Us Your Design: Provide building blueprints or, ideally, the BIM 3D model.

  3. Choose the Model Scale: Specify the footprint, and we'll tailor the model to fit your selected scale with precision.

  4. CAD Magic: Utilizing your BIM files, we craft a detailed CAD model that sets the stage for 3D printing.

  5. Rapid 3D Printing: We employ advanced 3D printing technology for fast and accurate model creation, with assembly post-printing for larger pieces.

  6. Delivery: Your model arrives at your location, ready for display.

A Vibrant Finish


Our 3D printing capabilities include the option to add up to 16 different colors to your model. 

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